Manhattan Active™ Omnichannel

The types of experiences that your customers want vary as much as their personalities. 

Manhattan Active Omni provides a single platform for every aspect of omnichannel operations, at headquarters or in the store. With Manhattan Active Omni, you can better serve e-commerce and walk-in customers alike, since both the store associate and call center representative can have the same holistic view of customers and their transactions from across channels.


Why Choose Manhattan Active™ Omni?

We offer Manhattan Active™ Omni so enterprises can better compete in a world that prioritizes prices, product availability and speed. The suite consists of Manhattan Active™ HQ and Manhattan Active™ Store.


Manhattan Active™ HQ

With Manhattan Active HQ, everyone has the same access and visibility for customer transactions across all touchpoints with a real-time view of perpetual inventory across fulfillment locations, including in-transit, on-order, and third-party owned/fulfilled inventory.

Solutions include:


Manhattan Active™ Store

Manhattan’s Active Store solutions help associates sell better, provide cross-channel customer service, manage inventory and serve as a fulfillment specialist. Point-of-sale (POS) and robust clienteling capabilities make the shopping experience a more memorable and convenient one for customers.

Solutions include: