Manhattan Associates

Customer Excellence Lifecycle

Manhattan MORE™ is a holistic platform of best practices, protocols, and proven methodologies that drives our Customer Excellence Lifecycle. Manhattan MORE™ leverages our software, expertise and services to provide a high-quality, collaborative, and ongoing relationship with our customers. It goes far beyond standard supply chain service models to ensure long-term supply chain success and market leadership for our customers.

In the Engagement phase, we assess your market environment and review operational requirements to formulate a supply chain deployment strategy that aligns with your business and return on investment goals. Deployment is facilitated by our Manhattan RPM™ implementation team who incorporate all of our Manhattan MORE components to guide you through every step of the deployment process. The Adoption phase leverages Manhattan’s training and change management, customer support and account management services to ensure that you achieve successful enterprise-wide assimilation of your supply chain solutions.

By following the Manhattan MORE™ approach, many of our customers have become supply chain leaders in their industries—leveraging best-in-class logistics solutions, innovations and best practices to transform their supply chains into strategic assets and competitive differentiators.


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