Point of Sale
POS is on the move.

With Manhattan’s POS Solution you can move away from just selling to creating engaging customer experiences using inventory from anywhere. 

The Manhattan store platform does more than help customers check out faster, it transforms selling applications into an interactive and intuitive experience for store associates who are being asked to do more tasks than ever before. 

Selling from all available network inventories with a single-swipe in the store means saving the sale and never missing the opportunity to delight a customer. With Point of Sale, three giant leaps are taken: the endless aisle is always full, check out is faster than ever before and the application is as easy to use as an associate’s smartphone app.

Features + Functions
Utilize a single, responsive user interface for omnichannel selling
Management of complex pricing promotions with automated “best deal” outcomes
Associate linking for in-store management of sales credit and rules adherence
Calendar views for customer appointments and associate tasking
Support industry-leading point of sale hardware options
Deploy any combination of fixed or mobile devices across iOS, Android, Windows, or browser
Deliver uninterrupted operation with on-site fault tolerance
Support business-specific extensions with no update impacts
Integrate securely to third-party payment systems
Support digital catalogs, adapted to form factor and use case
Configure look-and-feel branding and intuitive workflows
Use centralized, web-based administration with rich, configurable feature sets for all transaction types
Deliver a single system of record for all transaction types