Supply Chain Convergence Overview
The rise of supply chain convergence.

In many industries, the importance of bridging functional gaps between warehousing, transportation and the extended enterprise has never been greater. Convergence of processes among these divisions allows for a more responsive operation, as well as opening the door to increased profitability.

We can help you
Increase receiving productivity by 20% to 40% and lower labour costs with inbound shipment visibility
Increase order accuracy and fill rates with inspection capabilities upstream
Foster collaboration and increase visibility among LSPs and suppliers with proprietary, role-based access to browser-based gateway
Meet customer demands by allowing direct shipping to streamline inventory flow
Achieve real-time visibility to inventory movement and LSP processing for greater inventory control and decision-making
Turn more loads in less time with no delays or charge-backs
Provide self-service capability for carriers and facilities to schedule appointments
Gain visibility to shipments on the yard and to the associated inventory including yard security
Increase control over equipment operating on the yard for maximum efficiency