Manhattan SCALE™
Supply chain technology that’s scaled to fit and ready to run.

In a marketplace that can change quickly, you need agility and scalability to quickly seize new opportunities while still maintaining operational efficiencies. Manhattan SCALE, powered by Microsoft's .NET platform, is the right solution for demanding distribution issues and provides an ideal blend of features, functions and technology for organisations seeking to solve supply chain execution challenges.

Solution Components
Warehouse Management
Labour Management
Trading Partner Management
Supply Chain Intelligence
Yard Management
Transportation Execution
Features + Functions
Enhance warehouse layout for faster fulfilment and overhead reduction
Improve order accuracy and reduce safety stock
Simplify order fulfilment by optimising how orders are aggregated, picked and shipped
Optimise labour, slotting and billing processes across your warehouse
Forecast labour needs accurately, improve labour efficiency and reduce overtime hours
Provide real-time exchange of business information
Share data, alert functions, views and reports across your organisation and with trading partners
Gain visibility into all trailers and other assets in the yard and their precise locations
Reduce transportation costs with optimised routing, rate shopping and carrier selection
Minimise freight spend via shipment consolidation