Supply Chain Event Management
Real-time event management for supply chain success.

With Supply Chain Event Management software you can automate the monitoring of millions of supply chain events as they occur on a day-to-day basis and receive real-time notifications that allow you to take proactive, corrective actions to improve inventory control and turns, cycle time variability and warehouse productivity.

Features + Functions
Suppliers can ensure fulfilment activities are executed according executed according to agreed SLAs.
Receive notifications of exceptions to address.
Allow carriers to ensure pickups and deliveries occur on time as promised.
Allow your buyers to ensure orders are accepted on time and raise critical awareness if suppliers are unable to fulfil the complete inventory needs.
Your logistics team can make informed decisions about whether to expedite inventory by knowing when supply chain disruptions delay shipments in real time.
Warehouse supervisors can adjust schedules and reduce labour costs based on late shipment and delivery notifications.
Traffic managers can reroute goods as they see transportation issues in real time.