Supply Chain Intelligence
Harness the right supply chain data to make better decisions.

Our Supply Chain Intelligence tool provides at-a-glance insight into your supply chain performance. With easy-to-read, customisable reports and dashboards presenting industry-standard metrics, you can monitor the performance of key supply chain elements in real time. The tool also provides powerful analytical tools to give you deeper insight into trends over time.

For time-sensitive events, our business intelligence tool generates alerts to your computer or mobile device, so you know when conditions or exceptions are about to occur and can respond quickly. 

Features + Functions
Easily create your own reports using the built-in reporting framework
Allow users to personalise reports authored by others (self-service BI)
Create alerts to critical business events that need action now
Create scorecards that measure and evaluate performance
Create role-based permissions and views
Distribute information through the web, through Microsoft Office (Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or Word) and to mobile devices (iOS and Android)