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Today store associates are using Mobile POS to assist customers anywhere, do product catalog searches, lookup network inventory, line-bust and more.
Learn how to transform your customer’s in-store experience and influence sales.
Learn how Load Analyzer can help CSRs book the most profitable network while maintaining balance.
Learn how leading retailers are satisfying multi-channel shoppers.
Does your TMS automate steps in international shipping? From finding and booking your shipment, tracking and tracing, and managing freight payments. Learn how you can do it all easier and faster with Manhattan Associates.
Learn how you can leverage transportation and distribution management technology to achieve a complete supply chain redesign.
In this 60-minute Webinar, ISR's Matt Pillar presses Scott Fenwick and Deliv's Daphne Carmeli on the business case for building a store-based fulfillment strategy.
In this webinar, hosted by DC Velocity, Manhattan's Peter Schnorbach unveils the findings of an exciting new study, "UNbound: A study on mobility and the modern distribution manager."
Learn how you can leverage new capabilities to drive greater productivity in your DCs.
Get insights into building a business case for starting or improving your in-store mobile strategy in this complimentary webcast.