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Logistics Service Providers: Stand Out from the Crowd

The increase in outsourced distribution brings good news and bad news if you're in the logistics business. The good news is that there is more potential business for you. The bad news is that there is more competition.

Manhattan’s flexibility allows me to be much more responsive to my customers’ needs at the same time I’m able to minimize my own back-end administrative costs.
Barb Pitroski, VP Carrier & Freight Solutions, GENCO ATC

Stand out from the crowd by managing logistics for multiple clients with varying demands better than your competition—much better.

Manhattan Associates' supply chain solutions for logistics service providers give you vital insight and real-time reporting on events throughout your supply chain. Know what's at every warehouse, in every truck and shipment—right now. No matter how extensive your network or how varied your distribution requirements, our 3PL supply chain solutions will help you manage inventory and expectations, clients and channels at levels of efficiency you only dreamed of before.

Demanding Clients Will Love You

Manhattan SCOPE®: Supply Chain Optimization—Planning through Execution integrated solutions address the unique needs of logistics service providers and their most demanding clients. We give you flexibility to handle high volume, small orders or huge distributions; quick delivery and third-party billing. You'll enjoy additional benefits, such as:

  • Third-party billing-track and logging of warehouse events and storage use to be charged to customers
  • Automated recognition of back-ordered parts for expedited, cross-dock processing
  • Support for multiple clients within a single distribution center with Warehouse Management.
  • Reduce labor costs and increase productivity of the warehouse workforce with Labor Management.
  • Enhance visibility throughout the entire supply chain and synchronize with trading partners using Extended Enterprise Management.
  • Management of shipments coming to and going from the warehouse, as well as inventory in the yard with Transportation Management
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