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Supply Chain Efficiency, Automation and Transparency for Government

As a government agency, partner or NGO, your organization's success depends on modernizing your logistics operations, from reducing manual communication of data (through email, phone calls and faxes), to maximizing warehouse space and transportation capacity, to providing real-time visibility to your leadership, stakeholders and partners. Any investment you make in supply chain technology must be cost-effective, producing quick results and maximizing speed to value. Any technology you adopt must also be easy to integrate, easy to use and meet IT standards for security and architecture—all while providing the scalability, reliability and support of a commercial off-the-shelf logistics solution. This is our forté at Manhattan Associates.

Many of our commercial and government clients have wrestled with the very same issues you have. By integrating a broad set of powerful supply chain solutions and sophisticated logistics capabilities tailored to meet the needs of government organizations, we offer the Manhattan SCOPE® suite of dynamic logistics optimization solutions.

  • Optimize material and assets across space, people and inventory
  • Obtain real-time visibility into sourcing, partners, order status, order entry, shipment status and inventory availability
  • Eliminate manual processes and automate communications
  • Effectively link operations and asset accountability without sacrificing service
  • Create a common operating picture across the chain of command
  • Reduce costs across a number of operational areas

These scalable, reliable, off-the-shelf modular applications provide detailed analytics, comprehensive inventory management and automate sourcing decisions with best practices that have been proven extensively in the private sector. With unrivaled predictive technologies, a common process platform and key visibility, intelligence and adaptive functionality, Manhattan SCOPE leverages the spectrum of people, tasks and events across your supply chain for the most efficient, accurate performance possible. Our key capabilities include: 

  • Warehouse Management— Automate distribution center operations, eliminate wasteful manual processes and improve efficiencies, throughput and fill rates.
  • Transportation Lifecycle Management— Automate contract procurement and payment processes, optimize all transportation assets, including drivers, tractors and trailers, provide visibility, alerting, tracking and tracing.
  • Distributed Order Management— Automate the order sourcing process dynamically and in real time against inventory, in-transit items and open purchase orders; deploy in-transit inventory strategically and dynamically; anticipate inventory shortages, potential customer service issues and delivery problems.
  • Extended Enterprise Management— Provide real-time visibility across your supply chain; share data and collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers; enable all logistics nodes to communicate receipts, shipments and inventory changes in real-time; negotiate demand and enter/transmit orders electronically.
  • Supply Chain Intelligence— Capture critical data from other SCOPE solutions and transform into a user-friendly format in near real time; send data to mobile devices such as BlackBerry®, cell phone or pager; dynamically integrate with Microsoft Office products; eliminate manual reports and automate the creation of a common operating picture accessible to all partners and stakeholders.

 Manhattan Expertise Has Been Developed Through:

  • $45 million annual investment in supply chain research and development—more than any other company in the world
  • Credentialed, focused professionals who specialize in optimizing government supply chains while maintaining IT and regulatory compliance
  • A thorough understanding of the necessary integration capabilities needed for GIS/GPS, asset management, ERP/accounting, MHE and RFID
  • Uncompromised accessibility to offer guidance and collaboration to help you succeed

Contact a Manhattan representative to learn more about our supply chain solutions specifically designed to meet the unique logistics needs of government.

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