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Manhattan SCOPE® for Emergency Management

The key difference that sets the emergency management supply chain apart is volatility. Especially in the case of "no notice" events—disasters that occur without warning, such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and terrorist attacks — logistics decisions often need to be made on-the-fly based on information that may not be reliable. Yet, with the right tools, emergency management organizations can reign in volatility. With capabilities that gauge demand, facilitate complex collaboration, optimize distribution and track deliveries, your organization can effectively manage the emergency management supply chain—getting the right people, the products and the information they need, when they need it.

This is our mission at Manhattan Associates. Our clients include some of the key players in the emergency management arena, both in the public and private sectors; this experience has allowed us to gain a deep knowledge of what's needed to make emergency management logistics successful.

One-Stop Solution for Emergency Management Needs

Emergency Management agencies need a proven solution to address these needs—particularly real-time visibility; limited reliance on phone calls, email and faxes; improved service and lower costs. Only Manhattan SCOPE® for emergency management is equipped to manage the volatility of the emergency management supply chain, providing an unparalleled approach to visibility, management and optimization.

In a Fragmented Marketplace, Manhattan Associates Pulls the Pieces Together

In the marketplace for emergency management supply chain solutions, it's common to find custom-built products that are tailored after a particular organization's operational model and marketed to others. In contrast, Manhattan SCOPE for emergency management offers two key features unparalleled in the market: comprehensive capabilities for end-to-end supply chain visibility, management and optimization; and a well-funded research and development backbone to continuously improve capabilities, leverage best practices and remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Manhattan SCOPE links all aspects of the supply chain to increase accountability, automate processes and improve efficiencies. By taking a holistic approach to complex supply chains, our solutions meet the demands of mission-critical organizations to go beyond providing point products that improve the performance of one aspect of the supply chain—often with unexpected consequences elsewhere. Only SCOPE provides a full range approach—from planning through execution—to optimize every link of the emergency management supply chain for an improved total outcome.

Supply Chain Expertise Focused on Emergency Management Success

Over the past five years, Manhattan Associates has invested more than $200 million in supply chain research and development—and in the futures of our customers. Among our 2,000 employees are credentialed, focused professionals who have supported over 20 major national emergency response efforts, from hurricanes and tornadoes to floods and wildfires. Our personnel:

  • Specialize in optimizing government supply chains while maintaining IT and regulatory compliance;
  • Possess a thorough understanding of the necessary integration capabilities needed for GIS/GPS, asset management, ERP/accounting, MHE and RFID;
  • Offer uncompromised accessibility to guidance and collaboration to help emergency management organizations succeed.

Contact a Manhattan representative to learn more about our supply chain solutions specifically tailored for emergency management and disaster response efforts.

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