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High-Tech and Electronics: Supply Chain as Sophisticated as Your Products

With rapid product cycles and continued innovation, staying competitive in the high-tech industry requires a highly streamlined supply chain. You need to be able to respond quickly—and make sure your suppliers around the world can too.

With Manhattan Associates' supply chain solutions for high-tech and electronics, you can share data and coordinate processes within divisions and among your trading network. When you can see what's happening at every point in your supply chain—inside and outside your company—you can achieve competitive advantage despite industry consolidation and increased competition.

No matter how much you've outsourced or where your trading partners are located, Manhattan SCOPE®: Supply Chain Optimization—Planning through Execution solutions work together to provide visibility and flexibility.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Costs

Manhattan's supply chain solutions for the high-tech and electronics industries provide benefits for your company from managing manufacturing to tracking service parts to efficiently handling returns. At the same time, you can lower inventory levels and reduce your logistics costs for overall improvement in corporate performance. Our supply chain solutions can help you:

  • Get back-ordered items to customers without delay by identifying them at receiving and shipping them out immediately with Warehouse Management.
  • Manage both small, customized orders and high volume, multi-channel releases through the same system with equal efficiency.
  • Meet customer requests for inspection, labeling and packaging without disrupting regular operations.
  • Optimize labor and facility productivity by measuring and tracking key performance indicators with Slotting Optimization and Labor Management.
  • Implement fully automated return and disposition processing with Reverse Logistics Management.
  • Share your inventory data with suppliers so they can time shipments and manage production with Vendor Managed Inventory.

Contact a Manhattan representative to learn more about our supply chain solutions specifically designed for high-tech and electronics companies.

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