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Move at the speed of fashion

We understand unique challenges fashion retailers face.

Season-driven product assortments mean you need higher inventory turns at stores and distribution centers. Regional climates and customer preferences make your inventory planning complex. Even with the prescience to predict fashion trends, you’re constantly walking the line between too much inventory on hand (margin-draining markdowns) or too little (losing loyal customers).

But what if you could increase your inventory turns and your margins – and increase sales and customer loyalty at the same time? Manhattan Associates can get you the look your customers will love.

Hem in lost sales.

A customer doesn’t see a blouse she wants on your website – either because it’s only sold in your stores or it’s out of stock online. So, she walks (or clicks) away. It’s a lost sale, because you can’t sell what you can’t show.

Manhattan’s Enterprise Order Management lets you make an adjustable level of your network inventory (i.e., the pool of goods across your DCs and stores) available to sell online. The result? You’re able to convert those online sales while still letting your store merchants and inventory planners preserve their service levels. EOM also offers cross-channel returns, call-center selling tools, order orchestration and a host of other capabilities to complete your omni-channel wardrobe.

Stores are always in season.

With Manhattan’s store solutions, brick-and-mortar stays in style:

  • Manhattan’s Store Fulfillment alerts on, prioritizes, supports acceptance and enables completion of online orders in the store — entirely on a mobile device, so store associates can complete tasks quickly and accurately on-the-go — and get back to the business of selling on the store floor.
  • Manhattan’s Store Inventory facilitates rapid, scan-based receiving, putaway and inventory counts. Purpose-built for supporting store operations, the solution can help improve accuracy on the store floor while decreasing the time needed to receive and process inventory in the back room.
  • Manhattan’s Store Order Management provides store associates the ability to save-the-sale and offer endless aisle assortments, entirely on a mobile device. A better equipped sales associate results in happier customers and better conversion rates in the store.
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The Omni-Channel Look Book for Fashion Retail

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