Appointment Scheduling


Turn more loads in less time with no delays or charge-backs
Provide self-service capability for carriers and facilities to schedule appointments
Recommend appointment times based on resources, service needs and shipment content
Support system-recommended times to drive appointment setting and dock resources allocation at any DC
Identify unnecessary “dwell time” and tasks needing improvement
Enable carriers to better comply with U.S. Hours of Service, the European Working Time Directive and other government regulations
Reduce the risk of delays, lost productivity and chargebacks


Electronic data interchange (EDI) or a web-based interface to self-schedule shipments
Tracks time at guard stations, measures detention times and load/unload times
Automatically calculates load times based on required delivery dates, order content, dock capacity, warehouse capacity and labor requirements
Allows load balancing across shifts to calibrate resource requirements
Hosting: Available on SaaS, single-tenant and on-premise hosted applications