Distribution Overview

Get ready for next-generation fulfillment

With Manhattan’s distribution software, you can automate every link in even the most complex supply chains. Anchored by our industry-leading warehouse management solutions, Distribution Management provides a comprehensive set of supply chain execution solutions to help you connect inbound and outbound operations, increase product velocity, improve customer service and achieve world-class efficiency across your distribution network.

We can help you
  • Fine-tune facilities with well-utilized resources, streamlined inventory movements and flawless order fulfillment
  • Match inventory slotting to demand while considering numerous product characteristics for faster, more accurate picking with less damage
  • Track workforce performance, forecast labor requirements and automate workforce planning and scheduling
  • Extend supply chain capabilities to suppliers, and automate communications and record-keeping
  • Give hubs and 3PLs visibility into orders, shipments and inventory
  • Maximize cross-dock and flow-through activities and ship directly to stores and customers
  • Assign and manage charges for warehouse events, providing concise client invoicing for logistics service providers

Always Flexible, Always Current

Staying active requires a flexible approach in which enterprises can take advantage of the newest technology, quickly. To achieve a faster pace and support constant innovation, Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions are designed to adapt. Available across a variety of deployment options—public cloud, private cloud, managed/ hosted, multi-tenant, or on-premises—these solutions serve a broad range of needs, capabilities, and budgets. With options to receive annual upgrades, you can implement the next version of an application each year to take advantage of new features and functions. Our Manhattan Active WM service provides annual upgrades, both on premises and in the cloud, including the option to automatically migrate custom extensions.

Interconnect Seamlessly for All-Around Optimization

Manhattan Active Supply Chain allows you to innovate and optimize complex distribution and transportation operations with actionable visibility across the network. Purpose-built features are tailored for a range of industries, including food distribution and grocery, retail, life sciences, apparel and footwear, high-tech electronics, third-party logistics, and others.