Extended Enterprise Management Overview


Manhattan’s Extended Enterprise has been architected to foster closer collaboration—across departmental boundaries and with suppliers, carriers, 3PLs, and other trading partners—so your supply chain can help drive top-line growth without sacrificing bottom-line performance.

From a secure, online, web-enabled portal that facilitates real-time collaboration between you and your suppliers to better visibility of receipts, shipments, yard activity, and in-transit inventory, all Extended Enterprise capabilities work together to improve supply chain agility. With Extended Enterprise, you can gain direct control of product flow with logistics partners, including last-minute inventory re-direction to respond to changes in product demand.

With the proliferation of fulfillment methods and selling channels, companies are increasingly reliant on their trading partners to support the scale of operations they need to compete. Manhattan Extended Enterprise enables closer collaboration amongst all partners in the supply chain ecosystem.

From inbound receipt handling, outbound fulfillment, and jockeying of trailers in your yard to better visibility and closer collaboration with suppliers, carriers, 3PLs, and other trading partners, Extended Enterprise ensures you can look ahead while minimizing logistics disruptions.

Manhattan Extended Enterprise includes
  • Supplier Enablement that provides suppliers all the access, communication and supply chain execution tools needed to successfully service your enterprise
  • Hub Management for physical execution of shipping and receiving at hubs, pool points, transload facilities or other LSPs
  • Yard Management for granular visibility and task-based control of yard operations
  • Appointment Scheduling so carriers and suppliers can self-schedule warehouse delivery and pickups
  • Supply Chain Event Management for automated monitoring of supply chain events with real-time notifications when disruptions occur
  • Supply Chain Visibility which provides role-based access to current information regarding your inventory, orders and shipments across the globe

With the Manhattan Active™ Integration Platform, the Extended Enterprise augments our Distribution and Transportation suites to enable smoother operations and logistics workflows.