Tablet Retailing
Ensure store associates have access to enterprise data.

You have two audiences you need to share content with.

  • Your customers need a way to view product information across channels in a visually engaging, interactive format—with an experience a mobile phone can’t deliver.
  • Your store associates need a way to interact with corporate content such as training materials and guidebooks. You need a way to satisfy them both.

Manhattan’s Tablet Retailing solution allows you to quickly and easily publish digital assets to your stores on nearly any size screen. Your customers can browse your extended aisle catalog on a large touchscreen enhanced with promotional materials like look books and video. Using the same software, your associates can access the latest merchandising style guide, watch a training video, or reference a plan-o-gram on a smaller device. 

Features + Functions
Assisted selling
Product finders
Look books
Digital content display
Demonstration videos
Reporting and analytics on customer interactions
Operable both online and offline
Centralized content management via web-based interface