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Browse Manhattan Associates’ supply chain case studies to see how our customers have achieved measurable benefits and competitive business advantage by implementing our industry-leading Supply Chain Commerce and logistics management solutions. Learn how we’ve solved complex, real-world challenges and delivered rapid ROI for our customers through Supply Chain Commerce optimization and excellence.

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HoMedics Gets New Visibility and a Healthier Supply ChainCase Study
HoMedics, including Salter Housewares UK, distributes its products worldwide at most major department, discount, drug, mass-market and specialty stores. Because the company's manufacturing base is almost exclusively overseas, HoMedics faced escalating challenges dealing with its trading partners. To achieve supply chain visibility and ensure Top 100 Retailers compliance, HoMedics turned to...Download (PDF)
Hoogenbosch Retail GroupCase Study
Hoogenbosch Retail Group (HRG), a subsidiary of the Dutch Macintosh Retail Group, has a portfolio of more than 200 stores in the Netherlands which are served through a central distribution centre (DC) in 's-Hertogenbosch. To optimise its distribution and fulfillment operation—and support future expansion—HRG implemented Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management for Open Systems solution. The... View
Hoogenbosch Retail Group optimizes fulfillment capability with Warehouse Management SolutionCase Study
Hoogenbosch Retail Group (HRG), a subsidiary of the Dutch Macintosh Retail Group, has a portfolio of more than 240 stores in the Netherlands which are served through a central distribution center (DC) in 's-Hertogenbosch. Since implementing Manhattan’s Warehouse Management solution, HRG has increased accuracy and product availability, reduced supplier-to-store cycle time and gained visibility...Download (PDF)
How does PUMA Handle Enormous Growth While Increasing Customer Service?Case Study
In this video case study, PUMA’s Senior Vice President, Operations, and Director of Distribution share how Manhattan Associates’ supply chain solutions helped the company deal with the tremendous growth of the last ten years and the integration of an acquired business while helping them get the right product to the customer at a competitive price. View
IBM and Manhattan Associates Alliance BrochureCase Study
Market-leading companies realize that their supply chains are strategic to their success. Accurately forecasting demand, right down to the zip code; cost-effectively sourcing products and components; and timely delivery of products to where they are needed most, no longer assure competitive advantage. When it comes to global supply chain operations, leaders know that they will have to constantly...Download (PDF)
IBM Power Systems for Manhattan Associates SCOPECase Study
Today’s retail environments are more complex than ever. Legacy supply chain management solutions can struggle to keep up with this level of complexity. There is a clear need for modern integrated supply chain management solutions that allow for constant and proactive alignment of supply and demand across the supply chain, while also incorporating related tasks such as labor and transportation.Download (PDF)
Ingram Book Group talks its way to supply chain savings with Manhattan's solutions and Vocollect VoiceCase Study
Ingram's complex network of inventory, consumers, distribution channels and facility coordination creates a unique set of supply chain challenges. Using Manhattan's Warehouse Management solution and Vocollect Voice, Ingram has increased picking productivity by 25% while improving service to its customers. "We fill orders to booksellers much faster."Download (PDF)
Inventory Optimization brings healthy outlook to Harvard DrugCase Study
By most measures, Harvard Drug is a healthy company, distributing a deep catalog of brand and generic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications and supplements to more than 15,000 wholesale and retail customers. The privately-held company’s offerings grew through a series of acquisitions that began in 2006, and today includes more than 18,000 products over multiple divisions: Major...Download (PDF)
Jockey outfits its supply chain and stretches global reach with Warehouse ManagementCase Study
An iconic brand and leading supplier of underwear and other apparel products in more than 120 countries, Jockey International—Manhattan's first client—relies on Warehouse Management to run its distribution operations. With a supply chain that "never stands still", Jockey sought to take on new channels quickly and seamlessly. Warehouse Management provided the flexibility Jockey needed to win the...Download (PDF)
Keystone offers world-class service to customers with Manhattan AssociatesCase Study
Keystone Distribution UK is part of Keystone Foods LLC, which provides food manufacturing and distribution services to a wide range of customers in America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Keystone Distribution UK operates three temperature-controlled warehouses—in Heywood, near Manchester; Basingstoke, Hampshire; and Hemel Hempstead, where the company’s UK headquarters are also located.Download (PDF)
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