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Safety, service and technology help Gordon keep on truckin’

In order to control costs, eliminate waste and increase accountability, Pacific, Washington-based Gordon Trucking implemented the Drop&Swap® and Driver&Load® modules from the Manhattan Carrier™ suite.

By enabling Gordon to prepare for unplanned events such as driver emergencies or breakdowns, Drop&Swap enables Gordon to improve utilization and find the best swaps, or relays, in the system to create the most efficient load swaps. Driver&Load matches specific drivers to the best possible loads across Gordon’s entire network in real time, thereby reducing empty miles and improving driver satisfaction.

Since implementing the Manhattan Carrier solutions, Gordon has achieved a 5.5% increase in equipment utilization and a 5.22% decrease in deadhead miles. According to Jim Kobeski, “The products we use from Manhattan eliminate deadhead and improve efficiencies. This has brought down our costs and increased our profits.”

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