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Supply Chain Brochures, Data Sheets and Product Overviews

Learn about Manhattan Associates’ supply chain solutions from this collection of brochures, data sheets and product overviews. Get detailed information about our industry-leading supply chain solutions, discover the business problems they solve, and see the benefits they deliver.

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4 Steps to Margin-Rich Wholesale for Foodservice and Grocery DistributorsProduct Information
Grocery wholesale and foodservice is the largest segment of the wholesale industry with $506 billion in annual sales across 33,000 companies, all of which face similar challenges—seasonal SKUs,...Download (PDF)
4 Steps to Margin-Rich Wholesale for Healthcare DistributorsProduct Information
A $350 billion segment of the wholesale industry, healthcare distributors not only operate in a tightly regulated environment, they are also impacted by diverse market dynamics, all eroding profit...Download (PDF)
Available to CommerceProduct Information
Available to Commerce allows you to define circumstances and conditions that bring the right customers and the right units together in real time between your selling channels and network inventory....Please register to view information
Available to Commerce: Where omnichannel success begins for order managementProduct Information
Wouldn't it be nice to leverage your entire supply chain network when selecting where to fulfill orders in today's omni-channel environment? Available to Commerce is the new control panel for your... View
Check the Vital Signs of Your Supply ChainProduct Information
And prescribe more profits with Vendor Managed Inventory Manhattan Associates’ Vendor Managed Inventory provides your suppliers access to inventory data, enabling them to manage product shipments and...Download (PDF)
Clienteling - Solution BrochureProduct Information
Manhattan Associates’ Clienteling solution gives retailers a 360 degree view of their customers and allows them to personalize every stage of the buying process. Leverage existing systems to any iPad...Download (PDF)
Distribution Management - Solution BrochureProduct Information
Manhattan Associates’ Distribution Management automates every link in even the most complex supply chains. Built on Manhattan’s industry leading and proven warehouse management solutions,...Download (PDF)
Flexible FulfillmentProduct Information
Today’s retail supply chain is besieged by variability. Promotional volumes. Seasonal pressures. Network instability. Economic uncertainty. Digital commerce and the unpredictability of shopper...Download (PDF)
Get Control to Align Production with Distribution: Manhattan Solutions for ManufacturersProduct Information
Manufacturing and logistics agility is replacing inventory as the new buffer between meeting customer demand and delivering the perfect order. With Manhattan’s solutions, leading manufacturers are...Download (PDF)
How does Under Armour Achieve Cost-savings in Vendor Relationships?Product Information
In this video, the sport apparel manufacturer’s Chief Information Officer and Senior EEM Analyst explain the savings the company realized with their use of Manhattan Associates’ Extended Enterprise... View
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