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Supply Chain Brochures, Data Sheets and Product Overviews

Learn about Manhattan Associates’ supply chain solutions from this collection of brochures, data sheets and product overviews. Get detailed information about our industry-leading supply chain solutions, discover the business problems they solve, and see the benefits they deliver.

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Ship-from-Store, Made SimpleProduct Information
Why should ship-from-store be hard? As an experiment, we asked some kids to try out our Store Inventory & Fulfillment app. Here's what happened. View
Slotting Optimization - Module BrochureProduct Information
Manhattan's Slotting Optimization increases workforce efficiency, shortens order fulfillment cycles and maximizes throughput by determining the best pick line profile for your warehouse.Download (PDF)
Store Inventory & FulfillmentProduct Information
Manhattan’s Store Inventory & Fulfillment suite provides a purpose-built retail store solution to enable any type of store-based fulfillment and increase inventory accuracy. With this solution...Download (PDF)
Store Inventory, Made SimpleProduct Information
Why should store inventory management be hard? As an experiment, we asked some kids to try out our Store Inventory & Fulfillment app. Here's what happened. View
Supply Chain Process Platform BrochureProduct Information
As the foundation for Manhattan SCOPE,® our Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP) unifies our Supply Chain Solutions and Commerce Chain Solutions to provide a consistent view of operations and...Download (PDF)
Supply Chain Success in an Everywhere Commerce WorldProduct Information
In today’s world of everywhere commerce the customer is the boss, so retailers and wholesalers must be ready to fulfill anywhere, anytime. Using a retail example, this scenario-based demo will walk... Please register to view information.
The Omni-Channel Look Book for Fashion RetailProduct Information
We know fashion retail is tough. Between frequent inventory turns, unpredictable weather, viral styles, and flat-out duds, you’re constantly walking the line between having too much or too little...Please register to view information
The Platform Effect: RetailProduct Information
How can your company do cross channel retailing without bankrupting the operation? Those who win in retail today will provide great cross channel services for their customers while capturing the most... View
The Platform Effect: Wholesale DistributionProduct Information
How can you pump up your margins and still keep service levels high? By stepping back and understanding how siloed thinking could be affecting your business—how changes in one area could help or hurt... View
Transportation Management - Solution BrochureProduct Information
Transportation Management offers a true holistic approach— from beginning to end—to give you complete control of your network so you can confidently make the right decisions based on costs, service...Download (PDF)
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