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Whether you’re seeking supply chain white papers based on industry, product or business issue, this collection of white papers from Manhattan Associates will get you up to speed on the critical issues, best practices, industry standards, and technical insights you need to optimize your supply chain operations.

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Healthcare distributors operate within a tightly regulated industry, most recently highlighted by pedigree tracking. Market dynamics ranging from overseas production to generic drugs to service...Download (PDF)
Managing the demand chain, from manufacturers through wholesalers, distributors and retailers, and onto consumers, is a daunting task. Creating efficiency in the demand chain requires a combination...Download (PDF)
This paper provides a detailed overview of Manhattan’s optimized Demand Forecasting solution, including a high-level explanation of our Unified Forecasting Method™ (UFM™)—a built-in intelligence that...Download (PDF)
The uncertainty of today's complex supply chains translates into excess inventory, labor and transportation costs as businesses seek to protect themselves from the risks created by their trading...Download (PDF)
Many companies remain unaware of how much their inbound freight actually costs because these charges are "buried" in the prices they pay for goods. In fact, freight allocations average 4 to 7% of...Download (PDF)
Investment BuyingWhite Paper
The main objective of investment buying (IB) is to maximize profit for wholesalers, retailers and other distribution entities. Because IB's focus on ROI results from incremental purchases, companies...Download (PDF)
Manhattan has developed Manhattan SCOPE® Social, an Engagement Framework that combines Technology Deployment and Organization Change Management to deliver a prescriptive path to becoming a social...Download (PDF)
The optimal deployment of inventory is a vital business function for an enterprise. This paper will examine alternative approaches for tackling the thorny problem of managing inventory in a multi-...Download (PDF)
Employees must multiply their competencies to keep up with today’s supply chain, because the reality is - the supply chain has changed. Discover how to differentiate your organization and engage...Download (PDF)
How do companies cope with the 'perfect storm' of conditions that has culminated in recent years—the rise of e-commerce, SKU proliferation, channel proliferation? An efficient supply chain is no...Download (PDF)
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