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Whether you’re seeking supply chain white papers based on industry, product or business issue, this collection of white papers from Manhattan Associates will get you up to speed on the critical issues, best practices, industry standards, and technical insights you need to optimize your supply chain operations.

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Wholesale distributors and retailers get squeezed as consumer price competition makes it difficult to just apply the cost increases to the selling price. One way to hedge against ever tightening...Download (PDF)
Investment BuyingWhite Paper
The main objective of investment buying (IB) is to maximize profit for wholesalers, retailers and other distribution entities. Because IB's focus on ROI results from incremental purchases, companies...Download (PDF)
Whether you’re in retail or wholesale, inventory is often your largest, continuous investment. By applying the principles of profitable buying, you can optimize your inventory investment and increase...Download (PDF)
‘Save-the-sale’ capabilities are common components of today’s omni-channel retail initiatives. While these initiatives seek to empower store associates to mitigate lost sales from out-of-stocks, it’s...Please register to view information
This white paper discusses the difficulties retailers face with their supply chain as their customers have more complex demands and require cross-channel fulfillment. Retailers now need online...Download (PDF)
Retail Trends to Watch in 2013: Accelerating International Expansion, Mobile-optimised Retail Operations, Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Combatting Showrooming The UK retail scene continues to...Download (PDF)
Smart replenishment buying can be the key to driving improved return on your inventory investment, freeing up cash to fund other initiatives. To do this effectively in today’s omni-channel...Please register to view information
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