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Manhattan RPM™: Results-Driven Performance Methodology

The ultimate success of any supply chain implementation or upgrade project is highly dependent on how you begin. That's why every Manhattan Associates’ implementation or upgrade starts with our tested and proven Results-Driven Performance Methodology (RPM), a system of best practices and processes that ensures a smooth and successful deployment of our industry-leading supply chain solutions and rapid delivery of return on investment (ROI) for our customers.

Refined through more than 2,700 installations, our technology and implementation expertise ensures that our customers’ requirements, timelines, and budgets are met with minimal interruptions and maximum optimization. Highly seasoned, senior-level Manhattan supply chain solutions consultants will work extensively with you to:

  • Define guidelines for roles and responsibilities
  • Develop a roadmap for scheduling and resource planning
  • Create feedback loops and reviews
  • Implement a systematic, proactive project plan
  • Train your staff on the base system as early as possible

Manhattan RPM at a Glance

To learn more about how we manage and optimize the supply chain implementation and upgrade process for our customers, please contact a Manhattan representative.

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