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Inventory Optimization Institute

Welcome to the Inventory Optimization Institute (IOI), where you’ll find training, certification and networking opportunities specifically tailored to the needs of Buyers, ReBuyers, Inventory Specialists and Replenishment Analysts. If you’re responsible for approving orders for inventory to enable your business to grow and prosper, you belong at the Inventory Optimization Institute. Our community of inventory management and replenishment experts are seasoned professionals just like you who understand Replenishment and live it daily.

Browse the sections below to learn more about the Inventory Optimization Institute and our educational offerings:

  • Analysis: Inventory Optimization Institute experts are available for a broad range of analysis, issue resolution or special projects, including Replenishment Proficiency Assessment, System Performance Assessment, and Customized Consulting Services.
  • Certification: The Inventory Optimization Institute offers two levels of certification for buyers and analysts who have completed training and are ready to test their knowledge.
  • Community: Meet the Manhattan supply chain experts that drive and support the community of buyers and inventory professionals at the Inventory Optimization Institute.
  • FAQs: The Inventory Optimization Institute tackles frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Manhattan Associates’ inventory optimization and replenishment solutions.
  • Training: Discover inventory training courses for inventory management and replenishment professionals. We have classes available for novice to expert and for any industry.


For more information, please contact us. You may be interested in reading our Top 10 Inventory Replenishment Tips.

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