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Inventory Optimization Institute Course Descriptions

Inventory optimization and replenishment user training follows a format similar to a college curriculum with beginner, advanced, executive-level and custom courses available. To sign up for any of the courses below, please contact us. You may also be interested in our Replenishment Brochure.

Once your team has completed Manhattan’s Inventory Optimization and Replenishment training, our Replenishment Proficiency Assessment is designed to evaluate their knowledge of Replenishment and provide recommendations on how they can improve their use of Replenishment to resolve daily business challenges

Introduction to Replenishment

Replenishment 100

Learn the basics of Replenishment concepts in our Replenishment 100 course. The topics covered will give new users and those needing a refresher all the tools to:

  • Analyze demand, not just sales or shipments
  • Understand the Demand Forecast that drives orders
  • Examine the Suggested Order Quantity and its components
  • Respond to exceptions, related to either forecasts or orders

Replenishment 101

After mastering the fundamentals, Replenishment 101 provides the user with:

  • Tools for managing Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in a Replenishment world: minimums, maximums and multiples
  • A complete understanding of Safety Stock, including its components and the effects on ordering
  • Strategies for maximizing the role of Lead Time in Replenishment
  • Tactics for managing vendor brackets and ordering restrictions
  • Knowledge of order cycles, and the tools for analyzing order frequency

Advanced Replenishment

Replenishment 102

With a firm grasp of the first two levels, the advanced user tackles Replenishment 102 to become skilled at:

  • Analysis of seasonality and corresponding replenishment tools
  • Promotion management, including preparing for and responding to promotions
  • Maximizing profit opportunities from vendor deals and price increases
  • Multi-echelon replenishment
  • Forecasting by day of the week
  • Replenishing based on key customer demand
  • Transfers, whether between distribution centers or between stores
  • Advanced analysis tools, such as inventory layering
  • Managing planograms and SKU lifecycles

Special Courses

In addition to the Replenishment curriculum, additional courses are always in development, including:

  • Executive Seminar—for senior level managers looking for a deeper understanding of Replenishment and how it can affect the bottom line
  • Special Topics Courses—featuring laser-focused topics for super users and managers
  • Refresher Session— for buyers who’ve gone through training before, but would like to polish their skills and get back to basics
  • Custom Courses—developed to address your specific business needs

To learn more about our inventory optimization and replenishment courses or to sign up for any of the courses listed above, please contact us.

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