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Fuel&Route®: Fuel Optimization Software for Motor Carriers

Manhattan Associates' Fuel&Route® is fuel optimization software that helps motor carriers optimize, monitor, and control fuel consumption and usage. It balances optimal routing and fuel recommendations with driver needs to reduce out-of-route miles and costs, such as fuel prices, taxes and tolls. By considering carrier-specific and driver-specific criteria, our fuel optimization reduces cost without adding unnecessary stops. Fuel&Route also maximizes savings using your existing fuel network, including both your own bulk fuel locations and your agreements with existing truck stop chains.

One of several products in our best-in-class Manhattan Carrier™ solution suite, Fuel&Route fuel management software:

  • Improves on-time delivery
  • Maximizes fuel-related savings
  • Simultaneously optimizes fuel and routing decisions
  • Presents drivers street-level, door-to-door directions
  • Reduces out-of-route miles
  • Recommends routing to avoid toll roads while taking service and driver utilization into account
  • Provides real-time exception alerting
  • Minimizes unnecessary stops
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