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SuperSpin®: Advanced LTL and LCL Motor Carrier Logistics Software Tool

Manhattan Associates' SuperSpin® is a strategic network planning optimization tool that helps transport service providers design and evaluate changes to their linehaul networks to save money and improve service. SuperSpin logistics software is primarily intended for Less than Truckload (LTL), small package, and Less than Containerload (LCL) motor carrier freight shipments. It also helps common carriers that employ third-party services, such as rail, air, ocean, and truckload carrier services, in order to to satisfy domestic and global route shipment commitments.  

LTL and LCL transport service providers around the world have used SuperSpin’s advanced capabilities to achieve impressive results, including reduced costs, enhanced customer service and often a 100% ROI within 12 months. SuperSpin’s powerful optimization features can evaluate load plan changes and provide a "what if" analysis in seconds, so you can quickly determine the impact of rerouting your freight.

One of several best-in-class carrier logistics software modules included in the Manhattan Carrier™ solution suite, SuperSpin provides specialized and advanced visibility into LTL and LCL freight networks, including:

  • The number of terminals and their locations
  • Intermediate handling points, shipment routing and direct loading
  • Service standards and transit times
  • Interline partners and interchange points
  • Use of purchased equipment, including rail, and the types of equipment used (trailers of differing capacity or configurations)
  • The underlying cost and productivity structure
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