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Planning: Inventory & Merchandise Tools

  • Is planning for the unique issues across your retail stores, catalog, online, and wholesale channels easier said than done?
  • Challenged with serving more channels without increasing capital investment?
  • Can you easily perform both top-down and bottom-up financial planning and item planning?

Manhattan Associates’ Planning suite enables retailers to grow their top-line revenue while decreasing or holding level their inventory spend. Successful retailers in today’s complex omni channel environment rely on Manhattan for flexible tools to accurately forecast demand and improve merchandise, assortment and inventory planning across every sales channel.

"Manhattan’s solutions made it possible for Staples to shorten in-season re-forecasting cycles by 75%, from one month to one week. Margins and return on net assets improved and inventory turns jumped 25 basis points on Staples supply chain scorecard.
Staples Moves to the Head of the Class with Multi-channel Planning, Manhattan case study

Manhattan helps merchants and planners drive quantifiable results in key metrics such as revenue growth, eCommerce sales, decreasing inventory and accelerating inventory turns. A comprehensive suite of tools allows you to create, modify and track financial, assortment, promotion and item plans for each channel – and communicate demand, order and inventory changes across the entire supply chain:

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