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Audit, Payment and Claims: Freight Transportation Invoice Management

Manhattan Associates’ Audit, Payment and Claims software integrates and consolidates financial data from all relevant sources. It automatically audits rates and links to billing records from any transportation management system (TMS) or warehouse management system (WMS) to show baseline and accessorial charges.

The result is a single, consistent, and organized database of freight invoices. The benefits include reduced handling time, isolation of cost errors, elimination of duplicate invoices, better carrier performance, detailed visibility of your freight payments, and freight cost allocation down to the SKU level.

Part of Manhattan’s Transportation Management solution suite that provides end-to-end transportation logistics, our Audit, Payment and Claims software includes in-depth Integration, Invoice Management, Invoice Matching, Claims Management and Reconciliation and Payment features that allow you to:

  • Simplify billing and reduce freight payment errors
  • Dispute cost discrepancies
  • Generate motor carrier claims and support cargo claims
  • Prevent overpayments and identify past overcharges
  • Manage detention claims
  • Interface with financial systems
  • Provide motor carriers with a consistent system for resolving freight billing issues
  • Execute detailed audits of freight invoices (including accessorials and fuel surcharges)
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