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Transportation Procurement Logistics Software

Manhattan Associates’ Transportation Procurement is widely recognized as one of the most powerful logistics procurement solutions available for managing transportation bids and contract sourcing. It automates transportation procurement best practices and standardizes the entire bid process from RFP to final contract. By doing so, it simplifies identification of the best carriers available for each lane and mode in your worldwide network—ocean, air or surface—and ensures you receive the best rates based on capabilities and capacity.

Transportation Procurement weighs key business factors—from freight variability and seasonal surges, to equipment requirements, carrier rates and service-level rankings—to give you more reliable capacity. You get fewer shipment turndowns, higher on-time delivery rates and greatly reduced logistics procurement time and costs.

With standardized logistics procurement processes, communication tools and reports, the advantages of Transportation Procurement begin the day you start preparing the first RFP and accelerate over time with:

  • Faster RFP preparation and better communication with bidders
  • Shorter, more efficient Transportation Procurement cycles using streamlined, repeatable processes
  • Intelligent, optimized selection process that weighs price, quality, service and capacity factors
  • Centralized bid data and carrier performance histories for comparisons of price, quality, service and capacity
  • Enhanced productivity for sourcing professionals
  • Faster reaction to changing business conditions

You can enhance efficiency and productivity even further by integrating Transportation Procurement with our Transportation Planning & Execution solution for contract management and Audit, Payment & Claims for billing and claims management.

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