Manhattan Associates

Total Cost to Serve

Net profit analysis tools across the supply chain.

  • Does your sales force make pricing commitments without understanding true underlying costs?
  • Are you able to track net profitability at the item level?
  • Is top-down cost to profit analysis resulting in inaccurate forecasts?
Manhattan Associates has done an excellent job moving beyond the warehouse to become a full supply chain suite provider. In the process, they have created the pieces needed to calculate total cost-to-serve.
Chain Link Research

While it’s easy enough to get a handle on accurate revenue data, drilling down to the granular level on costs throughout the supply chain can be a much more challenging problem. Are the cost containment strategies you’ve implemented having the intended effect on boosting margins? You need visibility into this at an aggregated level for an accurate assessment.

User-friendly business tools for easy Cost to Profit analysis

Manhattan Associates helps our customers get a handle on the cost to profit ratio for each product at every node in their supply chain by capturing individual transactions as they occur, even prior to issuance of a purchase order. An understanding of detailed product costs, SKU by SKU, DC by DC, is the foundation for improving net margins, achieving greater efficiencies in the DC, strengthening vendor relationships and enhancing private-label profitability, for lower overall supply chain costs.


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