Alco Consulting
Alco Consulting
Panamá, Panama

Alco Consulting is a best in class supply chain consulting company in Central America with offering highly experienced engineers to enable their customers to deliver and create better customer experience. We design and implement leading  solutions  delivering efficiency and optimization in supply chain. With ground breaking results such as:  20% to 30% increase in productivity, 15% to 30% decrease in labor. We successfully help our customers to build and develop a strong and evolving supply chain, in order to manage the changes in demand of the locals and internationals markets. 

Aptus Software logo
Aptus Software
Romania and Hungary

Aptus Software, part of the Avitech Co group, is the official representative partner of Manhattan Associates in Romania & Hungary. The company is headquartered in Bucharest. Currently Aptus is the only software company in Romania specialised in delivering end-to-end solutions for Logistics & Supply Chain Management. From forecasting, to planning, to executing and monitoring, Aptus has a wide range of top breed solutions such as: Warehouse Management Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Demand Forecasting & Replenishment Planning solutions, Production Planning & Scheduling, Task Management & Field Service among others.

Cerca Technology
Cerca Technology
Bogotá, Colombia

Cerca Technology is the leader in the region of Software and Hardware solutions for Supply Chain provider. The team of consultants, experts in logistics, technology and the largest in Latin America, has implemented projects for the implementation of the Supply Chain in Latin America and the Caribbean with more success than any other provider in the region, to date our company he has completed over 190 implementations in more than 15 countries.

With offices in Miami, Bogota, Caracas and Santiago, we offer a portfolio of world-class innovative solutions to meet customer needs in terms of size, industry, and technology platform complexity. We have complete solutions from several leading suppliers worldwide for all software and hardware requirements that are needed to ensure the proper execution of supply chains


Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden and serving the Scandinavian market, Idnet is a highly skilled consultancy and integrator specializing in supply chain solutions built on Manhattan Associates’ technology platforms. As one of Manhattan’s GeoPartners, Idnet has a long history in delivering shop floor retail and auto-ID solutions, and they are now delivering Manhattan solutions to clients within retail distribution, 3PL and wholesale distribution verticals.

Kajera Company Logo

Kajera offers its customers the most solid and innovative solutions for Supply Chain Commerce. We represent, implement and operate leading solutions in each segment such as eCommerce, Supply Chain and Cloud Computing. With the experience of 30 years in technology and corporate software, 60 years in logistics operations, and 15 years in supply chain software implementations, our companies and teams are leading digital transformations in the omni-channel era.

KORUS Consulting logo
KORUS Consulting
Russia, CIS

KORUS Consulting provides IT services and solutions in the areas of consulting, optimization and automation of business processes. The company maintains offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as a representative office in Penza. KORUS Consulting's expertise is based on more than 300 successful projects completed in Russia, CIS, and European countries, including over 30 supply chain projects with Manhattan Associates in the retail, distribution, logistics, hi-tech and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Logiciel Consulting
Logiciel Consulting

Logiciel Consulting and Development is a consultancy, software designer and developer for Barcode businesses, which has extensive experience in Logistics and Warehouse Management Systems. Logiciel is the official GeoPartner of Manhattan Associates in Thailand, specialising in customer consultation and Warehouse Management Solution implementation.

Logis WMS Solution logo
Logis WMS Solution

Logis WMS Solution is Manhattan Associates’ chosen GeoPartner in Poland. The company was established in 2012 to provide best-in-class Supply Chain & Logistics software and services to the Polish market. Logis specialises in the Manhattan portfolio of products and provides additional services including auditing, consulting, implementation and operations management.

The Logis team has in excess of 15 years experience in logistics across a wide range of verticals such as Life Sciences, Automotive, 3PL and FMCG. Their speciality is in the implementation of Warehouse Management Systems to optimize the flow of goods through-out their customers’ distribution networks.

Logística de México logo
Logística de México

Logística de México is a reliable and high-quality supply chain and logistics provider that understands how important supply chain management and optimization are to competing and expanding in today’s competitive business markets. We use our extensive supply chain knowledge and practical industry experience every day to implement high-value, low-risk logistics solutions using best practices and standards and innovative technologies. Our consulting services include organization, alignment, training, planning, design, programming, reengineering, and quality control.

MetaPack logo

MetaPack is the United Kingdom’s leading provider of delivery management solutions for both traditional and online channels. MetaPack has been adopted by the majority of leading retail names, hundreds of smaller online sellers and is used as a benchmark standard by the e-retail industry. Our software works with all parcel carriers and manages the entire home delivery process. It ensures that the latest and best delivery promises are offered to shoppers at the website, fulfilled intelligently by the warehouse and proactively supported during the parcel journey, including returns – each activity operating in tandem to ultimately turn the ‘promise’ into total customer satisfaction.

Nobex logo
Iceland, Denmark

Based out of Iceland and serving the Nordic market, Nobex is a highly skilled consultancy and integrator specializing in supply chain solutions built on Manhattan Associates technology platforms. As one of Manhattan’s longest-standing partners, Nobex delivers a variety of Manhattan solutions to clients within retail distribution, manufacturing, 3PL and wholesale distribution and across industries from fashion/food and brewery/soft drinks bottling to car maintenance, meat processing and pharmaceutical distribution.

Supply Chain Junction logo
Supply Chain Junction
South Africa

Supply Chain Junction Ltd. assists its customers in optimizing and extracting maximum benefit from their supply chains via the use of best-in-class technology and business practices. No matter how functionally capable, software is just a tool and without proven planning, processes, workflows and baseline measurements in place achieving maximum return on investment will be a challenge. SCJ is passionate about helping our clients succeed with a proven and focused methodology built on value realization.

Supply Nexus logo
Supply Nexus
Spain, Portugal

Supply Nexus specializes in the design and implementation of multi-channel distribution and supply chain management solutions. Through our partnership with Manhattan Associates, our mission is to provide advanced, innovative and proven best-in-class solutions to improve our client’s competitiveness and productivity by applying supply chain and logistics best practices, processes and technologies. Our leading technologies and skilled resources allow us to implement advanced supply chain solutions quickly and with low risk to our business customers.