Introduction to Manhattan ACTIVE

Introduction to Manhattan ACTIVE

This breakfast event is open to all Manhattan customers who are interested in finding out more about our new Manhattan Active Solutions, the next generation of software and services that gives customers faster access to Manhattan’s latest innovations through an integrated suite of platform-based products that span the commercial continuum.

Today’s commercial enterprises are facing unprecedented market pressures. The business environment is changing rapidly, and updating complex, highly-customized enterprise software solutions can be both costly and time consuming. While new software releases that improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of store, warehouse, transportation and inventory management are frequently introduced, adoption of the latest technologies is often slowed by the need for significant capital investment or change management requirements.

The new Manhattan Active Solutions suites address these challenges, with products and services that are always current and automatically include the customer’s latest extensions and modifications, reducing or eliminating both downtime needed for upgrades and additional fees. Manhattan Active Solutions can run in Manhattan’s cloud or in the customer’s choice of a public or private cloud environment. Customers who prefer on-premises deployments can also be accommodated with “always current” technology.

CenturyLink one of the world’s leading cloud, hosting and IT services companies will be discussing how Manhattan customers can transition systems and services to dedicated cloud platforms today with minimal disruption giving them flexibility and scalability to handle whatever the future has install.

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