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ALSPEC Primes Supply Chain for Business Growth with Manhattan Associates

Leading Australian aluminium systems innovator enhances supply chain performance following implementation of Manhattan SCALE™

SYDNEY and ATLANTA , February 26, 2013

Global supply chain optimisation provider Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced that ALSPEC, the Australian market leader in the design and distribution of innovative aluminium systems, has enjoyed a number of significant operational benefits following the successful implementation of the Manhattan SCALE™ product suite throughout its eight distribution centres (DCs) across Australia including Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane.

“As a market-leading distributor in innovative aluminium systems, it is imperative that ALSPEC has a cutting edge and highly optimised supply chain infrastructure in place. Access to critical information in real time at each of our distribution centres is essential to ensuring we can meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of our customers,” explained Wayne Larsen, national operations manager at ALSPEC.

Following a review of the company’s critical systems to help identify ways IT could be leveraged more effectively to enable and drive continued growth, ALSPEC recognised the need to upgrade from its legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which had an in-built, but limited warehouse and distribution management capability.

“We offer a wide range of window and door systems to businesses in Australia and with approximately 400 staff, we are a sizeable organisation. As a company that is focused on continued growth and expansion, we realised it was time to move away from the outdated, paper-based ERP system we currently had in place and replace it with an industry leading ERP solution and a complementary but stand-alone Warehouse Management System (WMS), both of which are best in class solutions and both of which have the scalability to grow with us in the future,” said Larsen.

ALSPEC made the decision to implement the Manhattan SCALE™ solution because it wanted a proven supply chain solution that could support its business for the long term. In addition, the solution needed to be both flexible and robust enough to effectively address the challenges the company had previously struggled with when operating a manual based system including:

  • Accelerating goods flows
  • Enhanced inventory management and control
  • More efficient and flexible picking and packing methodologies
  • Improved license plate tracking for cross-dock orders
  • More efficient labour management
  • Enhanced stock visibility and accuracy

“Manhattan Associates is recognised globally as a leader in supply chain innovation. Having reviewed Manhattan SCALE and assessed it against our specific requirements, we quickly ascertained it would be able to meet our current and future needs,” said Larsen.

ALSPEC has already experienced numerous benefits across the company’s distribution operations since implementing Manhattan SCALE including improved inventory management and control, increased stock visibility and accuracy and more efficient labour management.

“We have been extremely pleased since deploying Manhattan SCALE,” affirmed Larsen. “It works seamlessly with both our new and old ERP systems, which truly demonstrates the flexible nature of the solution. Most importantly, Manhattan SCALE has the scalability to support our ongoing growth and enables us to deliver superior service to our customers at all times.”

Commenting on the announcement, Raghav Sibal, managing director Australia and New Zealand at Manhattan Associates said, “ALSPEC has been an industry leader for almost 40 years. The company prides itself on developing ground breaking systems with technology at the forefront of that innovation - a vision we also share at Manhattan Associates. Manhattan SCALE is a perfect fit for organisations looking for a flexible, high performing, and low-risk supply chain solution. We are really pleased that ALSPEC is leveraging the full capabilities of the Manhattan SCALE solution to meet its business goals and to ensure the company’s ongoing success.”

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Established in 1974, ALSPEC is the market leader in the design and distribution of innovative aluminium systems to the architectural, industrial and home improvement markets. The company’s range of quality, tested products together with our professional and personal service ensures we are uniquely positioned to support the growth of your business.

With a national network of over 400 staff and eight locations, ALSPEC is a wholly Australian-owned private company at the forefront of the Australian Aluminium Systems market. ALSPEC's long established history of robust financial integrity has positioned the company well to respond to increasingly sophisticated customer requirements.

ALSPEC has invested heavily in research and development to ensure a continual supply of ground-breaking systems, improved products and new technology. This includes the company’s own NATA accredited testing facility in Brisbane where ALSPEC tests window and door systems to ensure they meet all of the required air and water penetration standards. For more information, please visit

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