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VISA Global Logistics to Optimise Supply Chain Performance with Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management Solution

New solution to provide greater visibility with accurate real-time transactional data

SYDNEY , July 02, 2019

Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) has announced that VISA Global Logistics has chosen the Manhattan Active™ SCALE Solution to be deployed throughout its warehouses in Australia and New Zealand. Manhattan’s solution will allow VISA Global Logistics to provide its customers with improved real-time inventory visibility and transparency throughout its supply chain. 

Today's commerce revolution has created unprecedented challenges for logistics companies. One of Australia’s largest privately-owned international freight forwarding companies, VISA Global Logistics is under pressure from their customers to be more flexible, to supply to more channels from a single source of inventory and to do so faster and cheaper. The company realized it needed state-of-the-art solutions to meet these business needs and set out to find a new technology partner for its full network of distribution centres in Australia and New Zealand.

VISA Global Logistics selected the Manhattan Active SCALE solution for its flexibility and scalability in the face of constantly shifting supply chain demands and opportunities. The SCALE solution uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to organise and optimise logistics operations and offers VISA Global a significant upgrade in terms of delivering mission-critical information in real time.

“There is an increased customer demand for live and valid accurate data, especially in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. SCALE gives our customers a dashboard of their KPIs and access to all of their relevant information in a user-friendly platform,” said Tony Baxter, National Warehouse Manager at VISA Global Logistics.

VISA Global Logistics also chose SCALE for its rapid implementation and easy-to-use customer interface. “A big benefit for us is that Manhattan’s solution will allow for onboarding customers much faster, taking only three hours, while the legacy system could take up to 30 days,” added Baxter.

Raghav Sibal, managing director of Australia and New Zealand for Manhattan Associates, commented, “With customer expectations around speed of delivery and transparency continually increasing, the pressure is on logistics providers to improve the efficiency and visibility of their operations. Our Manhattan Active SCALE solution will offer VISA Global Logistics the flexibility and scalability needed to support the company’s growth. Our fully managed cloud solution will also help them improve their overall customer experience and get goods to consumers faster.”

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