Introducing DM Mobile for Warehouse Supervisors

Ditch the desk and get all the power of your back office, and then some, right in the palm of your hand. 

Today’s DC environment demands quick access to information—not only for sharing, verifying and altering order fulfilment tasks and other time-sensitive data—but also for driving engagement and productivity among warehouse associates where they work.

Our DM Mobile allows distribution managers to break away from the desk by providing everything they need to interact and affect change among employees and tasks on the warehouse floor. Combining data and functionality from both Warehouse Management and Labour Management solutions, DM Mobile allows distribution managers to:

  • Systematically record active interactions with employees, including observations and performance measurements
  • Review work in the warehouse by wave, job function and task/activity
  • Put a task on hold, re-prioritize a task, assign a task to an employee or release a set of tasks to be completed
  • Monitor, plan and forecast work in real-time
  • Track the status for a particular customer, including order look-ups and wave progress

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers