The Untethered Associate: Deploying Mobile POS the Smart Way

The Untethered Associate Deploying Mobile POS the Smart Way

You already know that mobile point of sale (POS) technology can move associates from behind the cash wrap to the store floor. But that’s only half of the story.

Today store associates are using Mobile POS to assist customers anywhere, do product catalogue searches, lookup network inventory, line-bust and more.

How can retailers harness all of the benefits that mobile POS brings?

Listen to retail technology experts Matt Pillar (Innovative Retail Technologies), Nikki Baird (RSR Research) and Kevin Swanwick (Manhattan Associates) for this interactive webinar as they discuss:

  • What retailers stand to lose by not leveling the playing field between info that customers are able to access on their own versus information that store associates can see
  • Why hiding access to network inventory from store associates can have the same effect as directing customers to the exit
  • Drivers for the role of the store associate evolving from transactional to engagement
  • Trends affecting payments such as omni-cart single-swipe transactions for online and in-store purchases

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