Are Stores Really Fulfiling their Potential? The Science Behind the Store

By Corinna Walker,
Are Stores Really Fulfiling their Potential? The Science Behind the Store

So much more is expected of a store nowadays. Not only are they the place people go to make purchases, they are the place where the online and mobile shopping world meets the physical shopping world.

So what does this mean?

Whether your stores are in the high street, shopping centres or retail parks they are close to your customers and your customers expect the same amazing experience and fast access to products and services, offline as well as online.  So with many retailers putting their customers at the heart of their businesses, maybe they should put their stores at the heart of their strategy.

This could mean having to make your stores work smarter, by changing their roles and the role of the store associates.  For example enabling the stores and staff to be:

1. The glue between balancing customer expectations with business profitability: You could increase online conversions by fulfilling from the store.  Thus reducing overstocking, courier expenses and meeting the demands of customers around speed and convenience.  Not only does this enhance the customer experience, it helps build brand loyalty.

2. Put the person in personalisation: Stores provide the perfect opportunity to really personalise the experience retailers give to their customers, where that is from suggesting a bag that goes with the dress they are picking up from click and collect or making the returns process seamless.  The store associates can not only save the sale but enhance it.

Empower smart click and collect models, increase conversion rates and fulfil every customer promise.

It’s not rocket science, it’s shopping science.

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