Your Store, Your Stage

By Georgia Leybourne,
Your Store, Your Stage

Nobody is denying how important the customer is. You can’t escape the epicentre of any business – the customer – the one with the power.

But too many of us have long neglected human capital held captive in our organisations which represents the lynchpin to making that customer happy – your store associate.

Your store is your stage, it is your window on the world, a place where your customers materialise in person and you have to find a way to connect your business to them every which way.

This ‘connection’ is not about wifi, beacons, kiosks and other innovative digital newness, this connection is about people, humans interacting, exchanging knowledge, enjoying that exchange and feeling enriched as a result.

It is about your store associate.

Every day your store associate is walking out onto your stage:

  • A stage where they have an audience, your customer
  • A stage where they need to impart knowledge, to your customer
  • A stage where they must make a connection, with your customer

Your job is to empower them. Provide them an environment in which they can perform, provide them tools that give them the information they need to be knowledgeable and show them the way to connect your business to your customer.

Like conference speakers, store associates now carry the responsibility to represent the knowledge of their entire organisations. They are enterprise associates, who need to be equipped with the tools to sell, provide service, manage inventory and fulfil for customer touchpoints and inventory across your network … on their stage which is your store.

And like conference speakers, they only have short windows of opportunity to make the connection with their audiences. All the more reason to make every interaction count.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers