Case Study

Picwic improves the efficiency of its supply chain with solutions from Manhattan Associates


Created in 1977 by Stéphane Mulliez, Picwic⁠ — headquartered in Villeneuve d’Ascq (French Department No. 59) ⁠— is the first toy superstore in France with all kinds of toys for all ages. With constant growth since then, it now employs 450 members of staff. The Picwic logistics center, which started up in 2010, is located at Houplines. A 20,000 m² warehouse with 25,000 active customers (17,000 m3 storage capacity, 5,000 picking pallet spaces, 12 million parts in transit per year) serves 22 stores sized 1,000 m² to 4,000 m², or more than 2,700,000 customers in France. Picwic chose WMOS and SCI solutions from Manhattan Associates and reveals the benefits here.

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