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Manhattan Associates Releases End-to-End Omnichannel POS and Clienteling Solution for the Store

LONDON and ATLANTA, 14 September, 2015

Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced general availability of a fully integrated Omnichannel Point of Sale (POS) and Clienteling solution, designed specifically to unite disparate applications in a single and intuitive mobile selling solution.

This release addresses the challenge that retailers face in managing separate mobile applications, maintaining multiple integration points and presenting inconsistent user interfaces to their store associates.

Personalised Selling and Service Experience Now, store associates can deliver a personalised selling and service experience unified across digital and physical channels. Store associates can access an online product catalogue automatically populated with a shopper’s cross-channel purchasing history, wish lists, online shopping cart and return history. This capability makes it simple and efficient to offer the entire network of available inventory and dramatically improves the associate’s ability to up-sell and cross-sell. Store associates can accept payment for all of the orders in one single transaction, including credit card, cash/check tender or Apple Pay/NFC mobile payment.

“These new capabilities facilitate highly personalised interactions and help retailers build closer connections with their customers,” said Kevin Swanwick, senior director, product management, Manhattan Associates.

Uneven Exchange and Omni-Channel Returns
To help retailers handle the growing challenge of omnichannel returns, Manhattan’s innovative POS provides a new set of configuration rules that can handle the most complex return situation with the least amount of friction. Store associates will now have the ability to accept returns, regardless of which channel initiated the order and how the customer chooses to receive credit.

The solution offers native integration to Manhattan’s industry-leading Enterprise Order Management application, modern retail’s platform for consumer transactions, inventory management, order fulfilment and order orchestration across the network.

“Today the POS is turning from a system of record (e.g., capture orders) to a system of engagement (e.g., facilitate engagement with customers),” Forrester Research Principal Analyst Adam Silverman writes in an April 2015 report, “The Business Case for mPOS is Associate Enablement.”

The report continues, “eBusiness leaders must begin to anticipate a single commerce solution across all touchpoints that will access a single view of products, orders, inventory and customers.”

Manhattan offers a portfolio of Central (head office) and Local (store) solutions to assist retailers in realising their omnichannel strategies and to get them closer to their customers. Omnichannel Central Solutions provide the infrastructure retailers need to build a highly adaptable omnichannel organisation. Omnichannel Local Solutions, including POS and Clienteling, uniquely support all five critical responsibilities of the modern store associate: digitally-connected selling, customer service, personalisation, store fulfilment and operations management.

About Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates makes commerce-ready supply chains that bring all points of commerce together so you’re ready to sell and ready to execute. Across the store, through your network or from your fulfilment centre, we design, build and deliver market-leading solutions that support both top-line growth and bottom-line profitability. By converging front-end sales with back-end supply chain execution, our software, platform technology and unmatched experience help our customers get commerce ready—and ready to reap the rewards of the omnichannel marketplace.

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