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Commerce Trends 2017-2018: Your Secret Sauce

Commerce Trends - Your Secret Sauce

In recent years, a rapid succession of companies have been consigned to history as a result of ignoring their secret sauce, allowing themselves to be distracted by hypes and eventually suffering the consequences. Don’t let the same thing happen to you. Place your faith in technology, the right technology, but above all have faith in your secret sauce.

Content - What's Inside

  • The three pillars of Asda's toyou service
  • Help senior management embrace digital
  • What is Adaptive Network Fulfilment and when it helps
  • Unlock the full potential of your store
  • Great expectations and what shoppers demand from stores
  • Increasing customer loyalty through digital transformation
  • How to streamline operations with waveless picking
  • Upstream, flow mapping is crucial
  • Let's put the "Shop" back into Shopping


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