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The current-state and future potential of warehouse robotics & automation in today’s logistics market.
Look back at Manhattan Exchange Europe 2019.
Press Release
View Manhattan Associates' earnings for Q2 2020.
Join us at Logistics and Automation in Madrid at booth Stand 9C35 to find out how to gain the competitive advantage you need. #PushPossible
Grocery stores offer security and normalcy in an unstable time. The right technology gets customers what they need, when they need it, how they need it.
Case Study
Pet Supplies Plus became the first customer to implement the groundbreaking WMS.
Retailers have long been obsessed with the last mile, but it's the first mile that really ensures supply chain success. It is crucial for meeting evolving consumer demands, maximising inventory and driving down costs.
E-grocers can create an environment where temperatures and technology work together to deliver the goods.
Learn how optimising man & machine in Grocery DCs expedites your goods.
Read this article to learn how optimising people, processes and technology can streamline your DCs and deliver fresher goods to your customers.

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