Manhattan employees are the best and the brightest in the supply chain industry. By combining an upbeat entrepreneurial culture with the stability of a 20+ year old company, we’ve created a unique environment that attracts, retains and rewards talented professionals who are passionate about Supply Chain Commerce Solutions.

Why work at Manhattan Associates?
Manhattan Associates leads the industry in our investment, understanding and expertise in supply chain science, trends, markets and solutions. Our unrivaled R&D investment, internal talent and strong collaborative academic relationships help us identify and apply the latest advances in Supply Chain Commerce innovation.

Our employees average 10+ years of supply chain experience and continually earn high compliments from customers for their industry experience, deep expertise, and roll-up-your sleeves commitment to every engagement.

By fostering a culture that encourages, recognises and rewards talent and new ideas, we've achieved sustained supply chain leadership and pioneered the most innovative technologies. As a publicly traded company we’re big enough to offer competitive salaries and benefits typically only found at much larger companies. Yet we’re still small enough to offer a friendly, personal working environment that promotes individual growth and supports individual career goals.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers