WIN Initiatives at Manhattan Associates India

Ushasri Tirumala photo

At Manhattan Associates, women empowerment is one of the core aspects of the 1000+ strong India Innovation Center. It is spearheaded by our India head – Ushasri TS, Senior Vice President and General Manager - one of the early women leaders in the Indian IT industry. Usha launched and co-chairs the WIN (Women Initiative Network) India chapter. It aims to increase the representation of women in significant leadership roles, and focus on the development of Women in leadership and technology.

Making a difference with Learning

WIN is driven by four pillars - employee engagement, community and industry outreach, coaching, mentoring and communication. Last year, we kicked off the WIN learning series - A series of workshops/ sessions aimed at orienting women on Work Life Integration, Leadership through Women icons, experiencing the emotional world, Networking and relationship building, and on Feminine Potential, Potency and Performance. These workshops help our women employees to observe from close quarters the characteristics and behaviors of successful women leaders and adopt in their careers.

We host an annual WIN conclave, in the month of April-May, commemorating Women and their achievements. Last year, the WIN conclave drove a panel discussion about “Women in Diverse Fields” and a talk on Diversity and Inclusion. The sessions were a great opportunity to talk about Women in Technology, to Network and envision the future.

Changing the Game with We{Code}

We{Code} is largely directed toward Women in technology. Last year, the We{Code} team launched the W-Hackathon with the theme Think, Design and Innovate’. The program’s objective is to test and build on existing technical skills of our women employees. The activities included creating automated testing tools and multiple other complex toolsets aimed at improving internal operational processes.

Orienting to a new context

Effective Communication is critical for the smooth functioning of any business. Many women find it difficult to speak up in a public forum or in meetings. To overcome this challenge, we have initiated mentorship programs, annual events, panel discussions on stress management, to build effective communication skills in our women employees. A few other Women specific trainings are work-life balance and self-defense that we believe are necessary education in today’s context. These programs have helped our women employees immensely in their professional career and growth.

We will continue to innovate and launch multiple women-focused initiatives going forward. Women empowerment and development of women in Leadership and Technology roles, will continue to be a focus area for Manhattan Associates India.

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