Asda's toyou Seamlessly Connects Logistics and Retail Powered by Manhattan's Platform

Asda tells the story of their toyou service, a major business transformation project involving both retail and logistics which brings a new level of customer service to Click and Collect and Returns within their retail stores.

Underpinned by Manhattan Associate's Platform solution incorporating Warehouse Management, Order Management, Extended Enterprise Management and Operational Supply Chain Intelligence, this revolutionary service brings agility and efficiency to their logistics operations whilst opening up new revenue opportunities commercially.

Read the video transcript about Asda's toyou service and Manhattan Associates' solutions.

"So we created the toyou service to address the inherent weakness that we saw in customer’s frustration at having to wait in for a parcel to be delivered. One of the most compelling things about the Manhattan platform that we found was the fact that it integrated together as a platform of systems. The ability to configure a platform with pace was very very compelling for us."

"Essentially it might be that you’re driving home and a petrol filling station on this occasion is really convenient for you so you select that location for somebody who’s got some time on their hands and actually wants the convenience of combining two things at once which is collecting a parcel and doing some shopping, the to you service fulfills that need."

"So Manhattan technology has enabled us to connect our logistics and retail assets together on one systems platform. We use order management capability DOM to select the most optimal route through our logistics network, that’s a very complicated puzzle because we’ve got different sizes of stores, service with different delivery frequency. Sometimes we might use our chilled distribution network but equally on a different day of the week we might use our ambient logistics network."

"EEM enables us to carve up that journey into a series of events that we monitor real time. So the technology has enabled us to push our order cut offs back later so we now have order by 9 o’clock for for next day delivery, but do that affordably and still drive efficiencies of the solution."

"So the toyou proposition we believe is the first truly monitored air traffic controlled style proposition in the industry. Our service experience team are watching every element of what we are doing in the systems landscape to enable us to drive our service standards but equally where we can sometimes see something that might potentially go wrong to be able to do something about it pro-actively."

"We thought a lot about the in store experience and we utilize wireless paging technology and we can manage that collection experience for a customer as well so we can keep the customer engaging how long it’s going to be and that’s really been sort of really instrumental in reducing queuing times in stores."

"Giving customers the ability to create a returns label at home but equally be able to walk into one of our locations and essentially create a returns label for any of our retail partners then be able to connect that label with sort of order tracking and be able to track that back to a retailer so that customers know when they’re going to get their refunds."

"From initial discussions on concept into design workshops into delivery and then execution, Manhattan's delivery and support has be absolutely outstanding."

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