Distribution Centre 3.0

Distribution Centre 3.0

In this webcast, Eric Lamphier, Senior Director of Product Management, for Warehouse Management for Open System solutions at Manhattan Associates discusses how the surge of e-commerce has forced many organisations to think differently about their DC operations. With same-day shipping becoming the norm, distribution executives can ensure they are prepared now for high-volume, direct-to-consumer orders. 


  • Agenda 46s

1. What is Distribution Centre 3.0?

  • 4 traits that define Distribution Centre 3.0 1m 8s
  • Complex multi-channel order fulfilment 1m 14s
  • Multi-sourced fulfilment: sites and formats 2m 34s
  • Rapidly changing workforce 4m 13s
  • Demanding peak / holiday season 4m 54s

2. Five Essential Rules for the Digital Economy

  • The five rules 12m 9s
  • Order management systems 8m 58s
  • Mobility for warehouse managers 13m 17s
  • Order streaming for e-commerce orders 14m 45s
  • Batch pick cart 17m 40s 
  • Power combo: put-wall and pack station 20m 25s 

All of the inventory in your network should be leveraged to satisfy your customers. Your customers are dispersed across locations and shipping them product housed closer to their home is certainly a better way to get the product to them more rapidly; delighting them and earning their loyalty. 

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