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In 2020, global ecommerce sales ▲28%, but retail sales ▼3%. This dichotomy significantly impacted traditional business models and supply chain strategies.
Warehouse management system at the core of Medi-Market’s supply chain.
An in-depth look at the individual technology markers & building blocks that make up today’s modern transport management solutions.
Picking the right solutions for your supply chain needs is key, but the processes & skills needed to make these implementations function properly is just as important.
Manhattan Active Supply Chain unifies distribution, transportation, labour & automation in a single, cloud-native app built on Manhattan Active technology.
Now you can elevate contactless, curbside pickup experiences. Two-way texting improves communication and satisfaction between customers and retailers.
Crocs is growing at a tremendous pace. The brand needed a warehouse management system that is agile and flexible enough to keep up with the fast growth rate.
Manhattan Associates helps Sonae MC to modernise their WMS to improve operations in the Warehouse and DC performance.
Learn the benefits of unified transportation and distribution. Industry expert Brian Kinsella details how unification increases resiliency and efficiency.
Manage distribution and transportation on one powerful app. Manhattan Active® Supply Chain unifies and optimises everything from end to end.

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