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Australian Consumers Demand Seamless Shopping Experience

Flawless omnichannel service execution key to retaining customer loyalty

SYDNEY, November 11, 2014

New research highlights a growing gap between consumers’ expectations and retailers’ capabilities when it comes to delivering a great shopping experience, resulting in consumers preferring to shop with retailers that are omnichannel-ready.

The findings from Manhattan Associates reveal that over half the shoppers interviewed (52%) have found products unavailable in-store that were marked as available online whilst almost two thirds of respondents (59%) have experienced differences between online and in-store pricing.

The research also reveals that 55% of shoppers browse in a store before buying from an online competitor while a further 16% admitted to buying from a competitor via their smart phone while still in the store!

Creating a great experience across shopping channels

Research shows that the majority of Australians (89%) have embraced online shopping; however, it is clear that retailers have work to do to unify channel processes before they can convince customers they can offer a truly seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

Raghav Sibal, managing director, Australia & New Zealand, Manhattan Associates, commented, “Retailers need to deliver a seamless shopping experience across all channels and deliver it profitably. In their focus areas for the coming year or so, Australian retailers are recognising they need to improve the way they approach the order fulfilment process.”

Price comparison

Allowing customers to compare prices in-store may be another way to help retain customers. The majority (78%) of respondents said that if retailers supplied internet-enabled devices, which allowed them to compare prices on the spot, they’d purchase the item they were researching there, if it were offered at the lowest price.

Sibal continued, “Organisations are moving quickly to employ new services and delivery options to retain customer loyalty. It is an exciting time for retailers and consumers alike, but finding a balance between customer satisfaction and profitability will be imperative for survival in the coming years.”

The survey, conducted in September 2014, questioned 1,000 Australian consumers on their shopping behaviour and preferences.

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